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February 2013

NZ... one week in

Day 1 & 2 - Auckland
So after the epic 28hr journey over to NZ and 2 hours sleep, we arrived in Auckland. Hostel was situated right next to the Auckland Tower which we wasn't expecting! Met a lovely French girl who was sharing dorm with us and she showed us around which helped us get our barings!
Spent the following day visiting Devonport (a nice seaside town on opposite side of the city center) via ferry where we walked up Mount Victoria and got some spectacular views of Auckland and spent the rest of the day slobbing out and adjusting to the 13hour time difference! We'll probably do a few more nights in Auckland after the bus tour.

The Kiwi Experience Bus
Started our bus tour on day 3, heading for hot water beach. The kiwi experience is actually a lot more planned out than we thought. All accomadation and any activities we want to do get booked by the driver, so no hassle in arranging things like that in advance. Sweet.

Hot water Beach was lush, however our timing wasn't great! If you dig a hole on the beach at low tide you can get hot spring water to bathe in but the good spots had already been taken. We still found hot parts in places, so saw what the fuss was about.
The evening was spent having a BBQ back at our holiday lodge getting to know our group. It's been great travelling with the same group of like-minded people so its been easy making new friends, giving me a reassuring feeling and a sense of security.

We then headed to Waitomo and visited the caves and engaged in some black water rafting. Amazing experience but exhausting, even getting into the wetsuit was a challenge! The Gloworms we saw in the caves were beautiful, although soon found out that the glowing feature is actually maggots poop. Lovely.

Here we were introduced to the Maori culture and way of life by attending an evening in the Maori Village nearby. Got taught Maori chanting, cooking, weaving and wood carving and watched some crazy Maori dancing. A lush 3 course meal was included, which was muchly appreciated by my belly after living on fruit and museli bars for days! Nom.

Currently we are Taupo which is one of the biggest lakes in the world (I think) caused by a large volcanic eruption, pretty cool. Unfortunately the weather has been pants here (its been around 25 degrees till this point) rain and high winds. A handful of us have been booked on a skydive here (eeek!) but currently on hold until the weather improves. Really hope we can before we leave... would be a pretty epic place to do it :)

It's been a crazy first week of travelling, seen so much already and we're only a week in! And moving from place to places with so many things to see and do, it doesn't feel like reality. Just a really cool holiday! I'm sure as the weeks go on I will begin to miss homely comforts, friends and family, but because there has been so much going on its hard to think about life at home.

Next stop, River Valley :)

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