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Today is the day! Eeek!

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So, I've finished work for good now, sorted out all relevant documentation and visas etc, had all the relevant jabs (over 4 seperate visits and £350 later!) and I'm ready to go. Just currently trying to unlock my old Sony Ericsson mobile so i don't have to keep switching sim cards but other than that, I'm sorted!

I love flying, but dreading this 28 HOUR beast of a journey to Auckland... but at least that's the longest one done out the way first. I've pre-warned Sarah that if i don't sleep I'll be ratty as hell and not very nice, to which she completely understood (she's seen me in these moods before) and will do her best to ignore me during these periods! Bless her.

Leaving do at the weekend was such a fun night and I greatly appreciate all family and friends who could make it. It really got me excited about the whole trip (as i had been working and stressing up until that evening) and made me realise just what decent people i have in my life. Not only realising how much they mean to me, but how much I mean to them too.

OK, so i should probably try out this case now, and make sure it's not going to cripple me before I even arrive!

Love you all xxx

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Reasons for traveling

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The first thing most people have said to me in response to traveling the world is
“You’re so lucky”

How am I? I mean it’s not as though it’s just been handed to me on a plate, here you go, go travel the world. I’ve pretty much worked and studied non-stop since I was 16. I’m now 24. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and through what fate has thrown me, I currently have no commitments holding me back to do this. If I wasn’t doing this I’d be still working where I am now, or possibly taking a new career path elsewhere and start thinking about moving out. What I’m trying to say is, I work to LIVE, not to just survive. So before I start jumping into all that mature stuff, I’m taking a life break. It’s the right time. I feel like I’m stuck in such routine at the moment and hoping this experience will give me the release I’m looking for.

Another response I tend to get is “how much has that set you back?” – referring to money. Well, it hasn’t. Sure, I’ve spent a good couple of thousand so far (not including the funds I’m taking with me!) but I’ve saved up well enough non-stop over the past year and a half which has given me the funds to do this. Like I said, no other commitments to worry about at the moment (apart from your standard monthly direct debits) so it hasn’t even been difficult to do.

Thirdly, “What about work?” - What about it? I’ve spent the best part of three years working where I have and I’ve got to the stage now where I’ve got pretty much what I wanted out of it. Another reason for the perfect timing. They didn’t give me my travel leave request meaning I handed in my notice, but this just adds to the excitement of me going now and not knowing what’s coming next in life on my return!

“Where are you going then?” -
New Zealand for a month, Fiji for a week, Australia for six weeks, Thai Islands for ten days, Thailand/Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia for a month, India for ten days and to top it off… Dubai for five nights. Phew.

These destinations are the kind that you don’t usually cover on your annual summer holiday. That’s the excitement of it. Going completely out of my comfort zone, surviving on bare essentials and meeting new people. I would love to do Japan and Iceland at some point to, but I think this is enough for one trip!

Sounds so simple right?
Not. I’ve spent the last month or so completely fretting about the whole thing. Because there are so many destinations to cover and the fact we have pretty much booked everything we are doing it’s hard to keep track of what still needs to be sorted!

Still on my to-do list
Visas – Currently having Inidan Visa processed (on second attempt after cocking up the first one) and then need to sort Vietnam Visa too.

Jabs – I’ve had one appointment of four so far (there’s a lot that’s required and they aren’t exactly cheap!) so still got another 3 sessions in the next month!

Luggage and Packing – Don’t get me started. Actually, I think I’m more organised than I should be as I pretty much have what I need now, including the beast of a case I’m taking with me and all the toiletries/ bare essentials (primarily thanks to my Christmas stocking full of health essentials and Jonathan for his contribution of toilet seat covers and sink plugs!). It’s just mainly ALL the documentation I need to sort and remember to take copies of and actually take with me! Oh, and clothes.

1 month to go…

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